Workshop #8: Beyond Vinegar--Green Cleaning with Science + Nature

Most of us know intuitively that green cleaning is the better choice than a bucket of bleach and a hose but very few of us know exactly why. Find out what’s lurking under your sink and how the chemicals in modern cleaners may be affecting our bodies and our planet. Adrian Ruddock, founder of Mother B Green Cleaning and Home Services, will share her secrets as a professional using only EPA "green certified" and homemade products. After taking this class you’ll know:

+How to make safe choices when you’re confused in the cleaning aisle at Target
+How to effectively kill germs using botanicals
+The difference between the jargon antibacterial, antimicrobial and germicidal and why you should care
+The essentials in a pro’s green cleaning kit

We’ll also be making some great smelling, wonderfully effective cleaners using products you may already have in your kitchen (and psssst , it’s not vinegar). You may actually want to clean! Bring a spray bottle or jar to take some cleaner home with you. 

This workshop will take place at The Logan Share at 2864 N Milwaukee Avenue from 6-7:30 pm on Monday, March 30th. Tickets are $20 and are available through Dabble.

For more information about Homestead Logan Square, visit our Facebook Page. To learn more about Adrian and Mother B's sustainable and socially just business practices, visit her website at