Birthing Workshop and Prenatal Yoga

Third Coast’s Guide to Childbirth

Third Coast Birth, a trusted community partner of Five Point, offers childbirth education, birth doula support, postpartum and parenting support to Chicago area families. Beginning May 14th, they will be offering a six-week guide to childbirth series at our clinic.

Together with your birthing partner, learn about the process leading up to and throughout labor and birth, as well as what to expect in the early days with a new baby. Get to know other expectant parents and use this class as a starting point for you to build community as you begin this journey into parenthood.

Topics that this class covers include:

·      An in depth discussion of what to expect in each phase of labor

·      The role of support partners and care providers during each phase of labor

·      In depth discussion and hands-on practice of comfort measures including both natural and medical options

·      In depth discussion of medical interventions

·      Informed consent and what that looks like in labor and birth

·      What to expect in the first moments and days after your baby is born

·      Breastfeeding

·      Caring for your baby and yourself in the first weeks of parenthood

This class will run from May 14th-June 25th, skipping May 28th (Memorial Day weekend) from 7-9pm. The price for the entire series is $300. To sign up visit their event page, or email them at

Prenatal Yoga

An experienced prenatal and fertility yoga instructor, Kelsey Tangel, will facilitate two semi-private prenatal yoga classes before two of the birthing classes:

May 21st 5:30p – 6:45p

June 11th5:30p – 6:45p

Each class is tailored to address physical aspects appearing at different times during pregnancy and postpartum periods.

The first class will focus on:

·      How yoga can alleviate common pregnancy ailments

·      How to adapt your practice to your changing body

·      Helpful pelvic floor exercises

The second class will address:

·      Labor induction

·      Postures to use during labor

·      Yoga for postpartum care

Along with personal instruction, handouts will be provided so students can continue their practice at home. 

Each class costs $15 and can be attended as part of the birthing workshop series or on its own.  Contact Five Point at with any questions.