April 2019 Schedule

This spring we’re updating our schedule, opening Monday mornings and evenings, and moving our Sunday shift earlier in the day. We’re also expanding weekdays to start at 8:30am and end at 7:15pm.


  • 10:30-4:15—Ryan, Genna, & Kate


  • 8:30-2:00—Christian & Nathan

  • 2:00-7:15—Ryan


  • 8:30-2—Celeste & Julia

  • 2-7:15—Christian & Ryan


  • 8:30-2:00—Nathan

  • 2:00-7:15—Celeste, Christian, & Kate


  • 8:30-2:00—Julia

  • 2:00-7:15—Julia, Genna, & Nathan


  • 8:30-2:00—Christian & Kate


  • 9:30-3:00—Celeste, Genna, & Nathan

What's New in 2019

As the current year winds down, we want to take a moment to let you know of some of the changes happening at our clinic in 2019. First, know that we are endlessly grateful to you, our loyal and supportive customer base. You enable our thriving clinic and its talented practitioners, and support a positive, nurturing presence in the community. The culmination of these foci is embodied in our mission and values, which we continuously strive to improve upon. Thankfully, each year we make steps toward meeting our mission and putting cooperative principles into action.  

Two of those big changes in 2019 will be switching all of our contractors to employees and adding an economic hardship program. In order to sustain these changes, there will be a slight increase in our prices, as previously announced in May.  

Sustainable Employment

Our single biggest shift is that all of our contractors will become employees in 2019.  This change in our structure has enabled us to offer our acupuncturists and bodyworkers health insurance benefits and paid time off as well as mitigate their tax burden. Sustainability and accessibility are both a big part of our mission, so we are beyond happy to provide the opportunity for our practitioners and staff to have a stable job with access to healthcare in what can be a volatile job market.

Needs-Based Discount Program

Having an affordable and accessible space is of great importance to us, and our modest price increase will help us to enact an economic hardship program with our services. Our needs-based program will officially be in effect as of January 1, and we will be giving a discount to people who are having hardship or external difficulties in their lives.  There is no barrier to entry or official application; interested parties only need to inquire via email, with their practitioner, or with reception in the front.

We also plan on launching monthly discount community acupuncture nights, the first being Monday, January 14th. From 4-7pm, community acupuncture will be available for $25. Anyone can book!

Price Changes

As of January 1st, our prices will be changing across all services in order to support these new initiatives. Below are the new prices:

  • Community Acupuncture and Herbal Consults: $40

  • Private Acupuncture: $85

  • Cupping: $55

  • Bodywork and massage:

    • $55 (30 minutes)

    • $80 (45 minutes)  

    • $105 (60 minutes) 

    • $155 (90 minutes)

As always, purchasing at least 5 sessions of any service gets you 10% off. Also, we want to remind you to buy your gift certificates and packages before the close of this year, as we are donating 10% of our profits from Nov 23- Dec 22 to Christopher House.

What Else Can You Look Forward to in 2019?

  • Expanded hours and hiring more acupuncturists

  • Discontinuing our psychotherapy program to make room for more private acupuncture and bodywork. Contact us for some excellent referrals!

  • Raw herbal dispensary offering a limited number of common formulas

  • Insurance billing for private acupuncture through BCBS (not available right now, but we’re working on it!)

Thank you all again for your support. You're the reason we do what we do. Happy holidays and new year!

Spring Schedule Changes

This spring we're expanding our hours to add more bodywork, acupuncture and psychotherapy. Kate has expanded her hours on Friday from 9am to 6pm for those of you looking to destress after a long work week. She is also available on Wednesday evenings and Sundays.

Dan, our psychotherapist, is now available Tuesday mornings and Friday evenings in addition to Monday and Tuesday evenings. Tuesday morning and afternoon are now open for community and private acupuncture with Christian and Dinah. Ryan will be moving to Thursday mornings as Genna joins Thursday evenings and Sundays.

See our Full schedule below:


  • Acupuncture (Christian) 12-6pm
  • Bodywork (Nathan) 12-6pm
  • Psychotherapy (Dan) 2-8pm


  • Acupuncture morning (Christian and Dinah) 9am-2pm
  • Acupuncture evening (Ryan and Joslynn) 2-8pm
  • Psychotherapy (Dan) 7-11am; 2-8pm


  • Acupuncture (Celeste and Christian) 2-8pm
  • Bodywork (Kate) 2-8pm


  • Acupuncture morning (Joslynn and Ryan*) 9am-2pm
  • Acupuncture evening (Genna* and Celeste) 2-8pm
  • Bodywork (Nathan) 2-8pm


  • Acupuncture (Dinah and Christian*) 9am-3pm
  • Bodywork (Kate) 9am-6pm
  • Psychotherapy (Dan) 4-7pm


  • Acupuncture (Celeste and Dinah) 9am-4pm
  • Bodywork (Nathan) 10am-4pm


  • Acupuncture (Genna* and Joslynn) 12-6pm
  • Bodywork (Kate) 12-6pm

*Beginning the week of 4/2/18

New Schedule

With the departure of owner and acupuncturist Alex Watkins, there will be some schedule rearranging beginning the week of May 22nd. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings will consolidate to Thursday mornings, and Dinah will be moving from Thursday evenings to Fridays. The full schedule can be read below.

Monday: Psychotherapy with Kim and Bodywork with Nathan by appointment

Tuesday: 2-8pm - Celeste, Ryan, Joslynn, and Nathan

Wednesday: 2-8pm - Celeste, Christian, and Emmy*

Thursday: 9am-2pm - Dinah and Joslynn; 2:20-8pm - Celeste, Ryan, and Nathan

Friday: 9am-2pm - Dinah, Collin, and Kate

Saturday: 9am-3pm - Dinah, Celeste, and Nathan

Sunday: 12-6pm - Joslynn, Ryan, and Kate

*Emmy's last day is 5/31, Kim Vachon will resume these hours beginning 6/7

Good bye Windy City; Hello Blue Ridge Mountains!

I have some big news to share! This summer, I am moving out of Chicago to head back to the South; specifically, Roanoke, VA. My husband and I have been discussing this move for a long time, and this spring it all came together. It has been an exciting 12 years in Chicago, and the last 3 years at Five Point have been some of the most rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling to date. My husband is excited to get back to teaching, and I am excited about backyard chickens, being closer to nature, and a slower pace of life.  I will continue to practice Chinese Medicine, hopefully at one of the community acupuncture clinics in the area, and am hoping to work with one of the local hospice organizations for end of life care.

Before I leave, I am headed to France for a month-long meditation retreat under the guidance of a wonderful teacher. I am hoping this time will give me a chance to reflect and transition to a new phase of my life. My last day working at Five Point is May 20th, but you might see me around now and then for my own treatments while I recover from retreat and get ready for the big move to VA.

I will sincerely miss my partners, friends, and patients here. You have all shaped me as a person and clinician, and I look forward to coming back for visits as the years go on. Good bye Windy City; Hello Blue Ridge Mountains!

Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation Class

Five Point Holistic Health will be offering another 6-week Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation course starting Monday, May 1st from 7-8pm. This course, lead by Kim Vachon LCPC, will introduce basic practices of mindfulness and meditation and examine how to incorporate these practices into your every day life. Basic tenets of mindfulness and meditation include sitting in stillness with your breath, practicing gratitude, bringing your awareness to the present moment and much more. Benefits of these practices range from feeling at peace and content with the state of your life, to improving concentration skills to sleeping more soundly at night.

Participation is limited, so we encourage you to reserve a spot online. The series is intended to be taken in full and costs $90 for the six weeks. Please reach out to Kim Vachon at kim@fivepointholistic.com  with any further questions. We look forward to your participation.

Beginner Tai Chi Series

Often described as "meditation in motion," Tai Chi is a gentle form of martial arts that increases muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.

Evidence shows this low-impact exercise has endless benefits to physical and psychosocial health. Recent studies have linked Tai Chi practice to reduced heart disease, insomnia and chronic pain and improved cognitive function and immunity.

The next installment of the Beginner Series taught by Nathan Paulus begins on Monday, July 11th from 5:30-6:30. This 6-week course covers Tai Chi's basic principles, including five loosening exercises, the first section of short form and 4 of the 8 fixed push hand patterns. Once completing the 6-week beginner course, participants can attend the intermediate class on Mondays from 6:30-7:45.

We recommend you reserve a spot online since space is limited. The cost of the series is $80. Up to one class may be missed throughout the series, and that one session may be made up during the intermediate class at no charge. This series is run seasonally, so the next round will be in October.

Please email us with any questions, or ask your practitioner if Tai Chi may be beneficial for your condition.

Anniversary Celebration and Free Day!

On May 24th, Five Point turned 2-years-old! We wouldn't be here today without the support of our community including friends, patients and neighbors. In the spirit of tradition and giving back to those who made our business strong, we are offering a day of free services! 

On Saturday, June 18th from 9 am through 3 pm, we will offer free community acupuncture and 30-minute bodywork sessions. We will accept walk-ins, but we encourage you to book online since spots are limited. Bodywork sessions must be booked over phone or email. In lieu of yoga, Nathan will be offering a free 30-minute guided meditation from 4:30-5 on that day.

It's a great time to bring that friend or co-worker who has always wanted to try acupuncture. Bring your dad for a special Father's Day treat. We hope you'll come celebrate with us!

Prenatal Yoga Class

On Saturday, June 11th, Kelsey Tangel, an experienced prenatal and fertility yoga instructor, will facilitate a semi-private prenatal yoga class from 5:30-6:30pm at the Five Point clinic. Women of all levels of yoga practice and all stages of pregnancy are welcome to attend.

This class will address issues that arise in the later stages of pregnancy and will cover:

·      Labor induction

·      Postures to use during labor

·      Yoga for postpartum care

Along with personal instruction, handouts will be provided so students can continue their practice at home. The class costs $15, and a spot can be reserved online. Mats, blocks, and straps will be provided, but bring your own if you prefer. Contact Five Point at info@fivepointholistic.com with any questions.

New Saturday Yoga Class

Beginning March 5th, Nathan Paulus will be teaching a Center Strength and Spinal Alignment yoga class at Five Point. These classes will work on principles of how correct alignment and deep body awareness can reduce outer body tightness, making the body both more strong and supple. Nathan will focus on refining basic postures to help reduce tightness in the shoulders, back, and hips simultaneously. Reducing this outer body tension allows deeper structures built around abdominal muscles and pelvic floor to begin to function properly on their own.

  • Classes are weekly on Saturdays 4:30-5:45.
  • Appropriate for yoga students of any level.
  • Space is limited, so participants are encouraged to reserve a spot online. Drop-ins are also welcome.
  • Drop-in price is $15/class, but packages of 6 ($80) or 12 ($150) are also available.

Please contact us with and questions, and we hope to see you there!

Tai Chi Class Schedule

Tai Chi is a sequence of gentle, rhythmic movements through 37 postures, flowing one to the next. The practice serves as a way to deepen and refine the quality of body energy and circulation; it helps to develop the emotional self and works to improve focus and concentration of the mind. Tai Chi is one of the true methods of self-development, and as with all the great arts, can work on multiple levels of a person simultaneously. Both classes are taught by Nathan Paulus, Five Point's bodyworker and yoga instructor.



Mondays 5:30-6:30 beginning February 29th

  • For beginners to learn tai chi basic principles, including five loosening exercises, first section of short form and 4 of the 8 fixed push hand patterns.
  • Students must purchase entire series for $80
  • Missed classes can be made up during the next session which restarts every 6 weeks.


INTERMEDIATE SERIES (must have completed beginner series)

Mondays 6:30-7:45 beginning February 29th

  • As a continuation of the beginner series, this class is designed to get students comfortable with the entire short form and eight push hand patterns.
  • Will have focus for sections of the form, in 6 week increments rotating around, refining and working on deeper concepts
  • Drop-in price is $15/class, but packages of 6 ($80) or 12 ($150) are also available.

Space is limited, so participants are encouraged to reserve a spot online. Please call us with any questions or email Nathan at nathan@fivepointholistic.com.