Herbal medicine is the combination of roots, mushrooms, shells, fruits, seeds, and other natural substances to create unique blends to heal ailments. An herbal medicine regimen allows for an individualized treatment that is a part of the patient’s daily routine, helping to speed up the healing process of most conditions and reducing symptoms. We offer herbs in various forms including dried raw plants, powders, and capsules. Herbs may be taken as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with acupuncture or other treatments.

Herbal consultations take place in our community room or alongside an acupuncture treatment.

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$40 for an herbal consultation + cost of herbs ($25-35/week)

  • It’s Custom - our formulations are built to address the symptoms or root cause of present illness.

  • It’s Immediate - the effect of herbs can be noticed faster than acupuncture as the medicine is quickly absorbed and processed via the stomach.

  • It’s Portable - convenient herbal granules come as a fully dried powder, and can be taken anywhere by just adding water.

  • It’s Internal - herbal medicine excels at treating internal conditions like digestive or autoimmune disorders.





The traditional method of administering herbs is by boiling a pot of dried herbs with water down into a concentration. We offer this method for limited formulations, best suited to treat acute illnesses like colds and flus.





Granules are herbal substances that have been cooked in water then dried into a powder. These individual herb powders are mixed into a customized formula. The consistency is similar to instant coffee--the granules dissolve in hot water and can be drank like a tea.

This form of herbal medicine include powdered herbs that are encapsulated into a pill. Capsules are the easiest method of taking herbs but the least powerful, and the formulas cannot be customized. They’re best for the maintenance stage of healing.