Raising Our Prices to Meet Our Mission

This year, as our business turns four, we have been reflecting on how to meet our mission, values, and goals for the foreseeable future so that we may continue to serve and grow with our wonderful community. In addition to continuing to offer high-quality, accessible holistic healthcare, it is our goal to prioritize living wages and benefits for our workers as well as making Five Point a model of how small cooperative businesses can be run successfully.

As of June 1st, Five Point will be raising the price of community acupuncture and herbal consultations to $35 for repeat visits, and in January 2019 this price will go up to $40. The prices of our other services will not be affected in 2018.

These changes will help us achieve a new level of stability and sanctuary, as Five Point becomes a better home for its workers. Later this spring, Five Point will be able to offer health insurance coverage to its employees and owners, which is a big landmark for us.

Beyond improving our internal structure, this price increase will allow us to create a low-income program for community acupuncture, something that will help us continue to meet our mission of accessibility. We expect to launch this program in 2019.

As a thank you and to help with the transition to our new pricing, for the entire month of June our packages for community acupuncture will remain at their current pricing. We highly suggest taking advantage of these prices, and getting a package if you are a regular consumer of community acupuncture.

As always, we can’t thank you all enough for supporting our business and making our clinic such a lovely, healing environment. We are very excited about this coming year as we enter into our fifth year of service, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

With gratitude,

The Five Point Team