Five Point is now in-network with BCBS PPO

What does this mean? For patients with BCBS PPO that have acupuncture coverage, we can now directly bill to BCBS and accept copays / coinsurance for Private Acupuncture treatments.

Do you have a BCBS PPO insurance plan?

If Yes:

  • First Thing! - please confirm your plan covers Acupuncture with BCBS PPO by calling the support # on the back of your insurance card. BCBS has stated that ALL PPO plans will cover acupuncture by sometime in 2019, so your plan may begin covering acupuncture soon - we will try to keep you updated on this.

  • Fill out the BCBS verification form below and we will send this to our billing partner to obtain your full verification of benefits. We will contact you once we receive the confirmation.

  • OR Email with a copy of the Front and Back of the Insurance Card and Patient’s Date of Birth. Or have us scan a copy for you when you are in the clinic.  It can sometimes take between 24-48 hours to fully confirm benefits, so please give enough time to confirm benefits before using insurance for an appointment.

  • Once we have confirmed your benefits with our biller, we will contact you to confirm your benefit coverage and set up an appointment. Again, it can sometimes take between 24-48 hours to confirm benefits.

  • All insurance appointments will be booked only for private acupuncture. The price you pay will be determined by your insurance plan. Exact prices will be determined when we have confirmed your specific benefits. If you have not met your deductible, prices for insurance treatments may be more expensive than our usual cash rate until deductible is met.

  • If you have further questions about your situation please call us at 773-466-9882 (M-F) and ask for Hannah.

If No

But you have a different insurance that DOES cover acupuncture:

  • Not to worry! We can still offer you a superbill.

  • Superbills are receipts you will submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  They are only available for private acupuncture appointments and can be printed for you after each visit.

  • You will be responsible for payment at the time of service and then submitting your superbill to your insurance provider.

  • We recommend that you confirm what your provider’s reimbursement rates are.

You don’t have insurance or your insurance does not cover acupuncture

  • Again, not to worry! As a part of our mission of accessible medicine, our Community Acupuncture is priced at $40 per treatment everyday. And our Private Acupuncture treatment cost is one of the lowest in Chicago at $85 everyday.

  • We also have a Discount Community Acupuncture night once that is $25 to further increase access to acupuncture.

  • Lastly, Insurance plans are changing everyday to provide access for Acupuncture, so keep a lookout with your insurance provider now and into the future.