Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
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Through Celeste’s undergraduate studies in psychology and gender studies, she realized her passion for treating psychological issues, particularly those stemming from traumatic experiences. She chose Chinese Medicine as her healing modality because it recognizes the mind-body connection and strives to treat both simultaneously. She graduated from PCOM in 2014 and is currently earning a Diplomat in Canonical Chinese Medicine. Celeste specializes in psycho-emotional issues including depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. Her treatments regulate the nervous system, calm the mind, and address related symptoms such as digestive disorders and insomnia. She is compassionate, patient-centered, and empowers her clients to heal themselves.

Licensed Acupuncturist

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Dinah was first exposed to the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine while she studied Eastern history and culture at Xiamen University in Xiamen, China in 2005. She earned her MSTOM at PCOM Chicago, and she completed the Clinical Acupuncture Training Program at the hospital affiliated with Changchun University of Chinese Medicine in Changchun, China. Her research centers on the philosophical context for Traditional Chinese Medicine and the way it manifests in contemporary society’s concerns. Dinah’s gentle treatments focus on general health and pain.

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
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Ryan is an optimistic, non-judgmental, attentive, detailed, and compassionate practitioner. He is comfortable treating a wide array of health complaints ranging from chronic to acute illness and has a specific interest in pain management, digestive, women's health, and psycho emotional issues. Utilizing a personalized combination of nutrition, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, and acupuncture, Ryan strives to provide the support and care needed to improve and maintain health.

Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist
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Collin graduated PCOM with an extra 2700 hours of clinical experience under the tutelage of two senior professors: Frank Scott, L.Ac, Academic Dean at Pacific College, and Marie France Collin, L.Ac, Department Chair for Acupuncture at PCOM. He is also an assistant instructor of the Chicago branch of ICEAM under the direction of his teacher, Stephen Bonzak and under the mentorship of ICEAM's founder Dr. Arnaud Versluys. Though Collin is a skilled acupuncturist, his real passion is the study and practice of classical Chinese herbology. His areas of special interest are dermatology and men's health issues. 

Licensed Acupuncturist
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Prior to attaining her Masters degree in Acupuncture, Joslynn graduated from Prescott College with a Bachelors of Science degree with an emphasis on Environmental Science and Adventure Education for Youth at Risk. She is currently in the process of obtaining a two-year Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine. East Asian Medicine has allowed Joslynn to combine her passion of people and the environment into a triad of mind, body and emotional health. She focuses her craft on functional medicine and pain management, and she has a particular interest in how emotional health affects the perception of pain in the body.


Licensed Acupuncturist
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Christian grew up in Washington D.C. in a lively Latin household and was taught from an early age to value a natural and healthy lifestyle. Following a career in Art and Design, his interest in natural health and longevity lead him to Chinese Martial Arts, Internal Development and ultimately into the study of Chinese Medicine. He graduated from PCOM Chicago in 2016. Informed by the richness of both Eastern and Western Science, embracing both Tradition and Modernity, he strives to help his patients achieve and maintain their highest quality of life. Christian’s treatments focus on stress/anxiety, pain management, digestive disorders and overall wellness. Christian is also fluent in Spanish.




Bodyworker, Yoga & Tai Chi Instructor
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Nathan Paulus uses a combination of Shiatsu, Tui Na, Acupressure and Trigger point therapy in his sessions. His strong ability to sense and move energy comes from long-standing Yoga and Tai Chi practice.   Sessions usually favor deeper connection to the subtle body, or rehabilitating the muscular body and structural issues. The treatments almost always include some form of Yoga for diagnosis, treatment positions, homework and self-care. Nathan is a believer in an individual’s capacity for self-healing, rather than relying on the notion of being “fixed” by someone else.  His treatments are designed to improve and compliment the process of self- healing.

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Kate completed her massage and bodywork training at McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA. While her practice is rooted in Swedish Massage and Craniosacral therapy, she utilizes a wide range of techniques in her sessions, including Acupressure, Reflexology, and Tui Na, in order to best meet her clients’ needs. As a practitioner, Kate has a deep appreciation for the effect that relaxation and touch have on our health and this informs all of her work, regardless of the techniques she is working with. Her goal is to bring awareness to her clients’ profound capacity for change and help them access their own inherent resources for health.



Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Kim holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology, and she provides therapy to individuals, couples and families. Her areas of expertise include depression and anxiety, coping with trauma, children and adolescents, LGBTQ+ issues and addressing matters that stem from relationships, work and stressful transitions. Kim’s therapeutic philosophy is based on a psychodynamic perspective and incorporates a holistic worldview where mindfulness and awareness of mind and body help to facilitate change. Her sessions bring awareness to patterns that may be negatively impacting the client’s life and to discover how the relationship with others and his or herself influences thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Kim is not currently accepting new clients. For a trusted referral, please email Kim or call our clinic.