Celeste Levitt-Jones


Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Five Point Member-Owner

Through Celeste’s undergraduate studies in psychology and gender studies, she realized her passion for treating psychological issues, particularly those stemming from traumatic experiences. She chose Chinese Medicine as her healing modality because it recognizes the mind-body connection and strives to treat both simultaneously. She graduated from PCOM in 2014 and is currently earning a Diplomat in Canonical Chinese Medicine. Celeste specializes in psycho-emotional issues including depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. Her treatments regulate the nervous system, calm the mind, and address related symptoms such as digestive disorders and insomnia. She is compassionate, patient-centered, and empowers her clients to heal themselves.

Ryan Palma


Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Five Point Member-Owner

Ryan is an optimistic, non-judgmental, attentive, detailed, and compassionate practitioner. He is comfortable treating a wide array of health complaints ranging from chronic to acute illness and has a specific interest in pain management, digestive, women's health, and psycho emotional issues. Utilizing a personalized combination of nutrition, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, and acupuncture, Ryan strives to provide the support and care needed to improve and maintain health.

Christian Villacres


Licensed Acupuncturist

Christian grew up in Washington D.C. in a lively Latin household and was taught from an early age to value a natural and healthy lifestyle. Following a career in Art and Design, his interest in natural health and longevity lead him to Chinese Martial Arts, Internal Development and ultimately into the study of Chinese Medicine. He graduated from PCOM Chicago in 2016. Informed by the richness of both Eastern and Western Science, embracing both Tradition and Modernity, he strives to help his patients achieve and maintain their highest quality of life. Christian’s treatments focus on stress/anxiety, pain management, digestive disorders and overall wellness. Christian is also fluent in Spanish

Genna Robinson


Licensed Acupuncturist

Genna’s focus in treatment is in helping each individual achieve their highest potential. To this end, she is interested not only in addressing the symptoms of disease but also in sharing a wellness-based approach that cultivates the longevity and vitality of both body and mind, which is the essence of Chinese medicine. She graduated from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, NC, and is currently furthering her studies to earn a Diplomat in Canonical Chinese Medicine. In her spare time Genna enjoys reading the I Ching, following astrology, practicing qi gong, and engaging in self-care. She also has a deep love and affinity for cats.



Licensed Acupuncturist

Julia’s understanding, lighthearted, and kind demeanor makes each treatment with her a joy. She specializes in Japanese Meridian Therapy, a style of acupuncture that combines more gentle needling techniques with moxibustion for its powerful results. Each treatment focuses on strengthening the body overall, as well as symptom relief.  This puts the body in a state to better heal itself, as well as prevent future illness. Julia has experience working with a wide variety of health issues, including stress and mental health, pains of all types, chronic fatigue, digestion, sleep, gynecological and fertility issues, among many others. She will meet anyone in their current state of mind, body, and spirit, and work with them to get them where they want to go.


Nathan Paulus


Bodyworker, Yoga & Tai Chi Instructor, Five Point Member-Owner

Nathan Paulus uses a combination of Shiatsu, Tui Na, Acupressure and Trigger point therapy in his sessions. His strong ability to sense and move energy comes from long-standing Yoga and Tai Chi practice.   Sessions usually favor deeper connection to the subtle body, or rehabilitating the muscular body and structural issues. The treatments almost always include some form of Yoga for diagnosis, treatment positions, homework and self-care. Nathan is a believer in an individual’s capacity for self-healing, rather than relying on the notion of being “fixed” by someone else.  His treatments are designed to improve and compliment the process of self- healing.

Kate Fruchey



Kate completed her training at McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA. While her practice is rooted in Swedish Massage and Craniosacral Therapy, she utilizes a wide range of techniques in her sessions, including Acupressure, Reflexology, and Tui Na. As a practitioner, Kate has a deep appreciation for the effect that relaxation and touch have on our health, and this approach informs all of her work, regardless of the techniques she is working with. Kate's style of bodywork is especially well-suited for those who are experiencing anxiety, struggling with transition or feeling "stuck", or the types of pain that are not directly attributed to acute injury or musculoskeletal conditions. Her aim is to provide bodywork that is relaxing and restorative.

Office staff

Hannah Keane


Office Manager

Hannah is the Office Manager and snack coordinator of Five Point Holistic Health. With a background in community education and outreach, Hannah received her MFAW at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her 200 Registered Yoga Teacher certification at Tula Yoga Studio. Hannah has future plans of attending acupuncture school and working with Hospice and Palliative Care. When not keeping things in order at Five Point, Hannah enjoys naps with her cats, reading and weaving.