New Dietary Therapy Program

It's a new year, which means many people are thinking about diets and detoxes after months of eating rich holiday foods. Research has shown, however, that most diets and juicing regimens are ineffective at best, dangerous at worst, and that unless you're a drug addict, you don't need to "detox." These diets are often focused on quick weight loss rather than healthfulness. If you're interested in starting 2015 with a new understanding of health and wellness beginning with the most basic form of medicine (food!), then we've got you covered. 

East Asian Medicine views food and meal time as the first line of defense in both preventative care and the treatment of particular ailments. Within this system there is no concern for calories or micro-nutrients, and an emphasis is placed on the quality of food and mealtime. This diet is not designed to be temporary but rather a way to transform how you think about meals, your appreciation and care for what you put in your body, and your long-term health. After a few visits, you will feel more comfortable planning and choosing foods that are healthful for your particular constitution. There will be guidelines and recommendations to follow based on your goals, Chinese Medicine pattern diagnosis, and current lifestyle.

Your practitioner will compile a list of recommended foods, recipes, and meal plans tailored to your individual constitution and health concerns with a focus on foods that are seasonal, local, and organic. This plan will be modified considering your budget, time constraints, and cooking abilities while addressing your specific fears, challenges, and dietary restrictions or allergies.

The Dietary Therapy Program is designed to be a four-week series, and each session lasts 40 minutes. The program can be purchased as a package for $200, or sessions can be bought individually for $55. This service can only be booked over the phone, so call us at 773-466-9882 to schedule or if you have any questions!