Workshop #7: Dig it! Seed-Starting for Urban Gardeners

Springtime is fast approaching! 

Join Master Gardener Brie Callahan of Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm to green up your thumbs for the growing season. She'll cover the benefits of starting your own plants from organic seed, money-saving DIY techniques, seasonal planning, indoor cultivation, the hardening-off process, and garden transplanting. 

Participants will head home with a flat of hardy kale and plenty of pointers. Space is limited to 15 participants -- grab your tickets today on our Dabble page!

This workshop will take place from 6-7:30 pm on Monday, February 23rd at the Logan Share at 2864 N Milwaukee.

The Altgeld Sawyer Corner farm is a volunteer-run community garden which provides fresh produce to neighboring food pantries and an educational and meet-up space for the Logan Square community. Check out the transformative work of Corner Farm Chicago at