Community Spotlight: Shine a Light on Fertility

Hey Five Point Community!

Our Community Spotlight program puts other progressive local businesses in the spotlight, highlights what makes them extraordinary and commends them for their contribution to our community.

We recently have had the privilege to partner and work with an amazing local organization and we felt compelled to share their story with our community.

Shine: A Light On Fertility

Founded and operated by Katie O’Connor, Shine was born from the founder’s personal journey through infertility. Her experience lead her to want to advocate for others affected by fertility challenges. Shine’s mission is through support, education and advocacy, to create a community, empower through knowledge and be the voice for a proactive approach to fertility and women’s health. According to the founder Katie, “Our goal is to shine light on fertility, get the discussion started, and make sure no one goes through infertility alone.”

Service Overview

Shine is purely funded by community donors, so most of its services are free of charge. Shine offers:

  • Support Services - provide a community to promote emotional wellbeing and one-on-one mentoring through its Fertility Friends program
  • Education and Knowledge - through professional seminars and events to empower
  • Advocacy - for a proactive approach to one’s own health

Current Programs

  • Fertility Friends Mentoring Program
  • Open Forum Support Sessions
  • Virtual Sessions / Podcasts
  • Guest Speakers and Seminars
  • Fertility Fest! (we attended this year, it was amazing) 

Thank You Shine: A Light on Fertility!

We want to simply say thank you to Shine for being such an inspiring resource for support, education, and advocacy for a community in need. Keep being awesome. We look forward to working together for years to come!

Learn more about Shine: A Light on Fertility on their website, and like them on Facebook to keep updated with current happenings. 

July Community Spotlight: Tula Yoga Studio

Hey Five Point Community!

This spring we launched a new initiative called the Community Spotlight with the purpose of commending and promoting like-minded progressive businesses in our local community. We want to thank Logan Square Aikido for being our most recent partner in the spotlight program. Also, we deeply appreciate their donation of gift certificates to the raffle we featured at our one-year anniversary party. We have heard from the raffle winners that they are excited to begin their month of unlimited Aikido and meditation training.

Tula Yoga

For July, we are partnering with Tula Yoga, a studio located in the heart of the Logan Square neighborhood at 2827 W. Belden Avenue.  Founded by Logan Square resident Maile Wicklander, Tula is a clean, modern, and friendly environment welcoming all students at any level of experience. The folks at Tula believe that unwinding, having fun, and being part of a community is as important as the quality of their yoga instruction. To them, yoga should never be intimidating. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 2,000 year old tradition outlined by the Indian sage Patanjali in a collection of 195 statements known as the Yoga Sutra. This tradition of yoga (from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning “to yoke” or union) is a multi-faceted discipline for the pursuit of philosophical and spiritual growth. In the west, it’s most commonly known and promoted facet is the physical practice of sequenced postures that train the body to be stronger, more flexible, and better balanced.

Usually, the physical practice of yoga is enhanced by a focus on controlled breathing, conscious alignment of anatomy, non-judgmental awareness of the body’s abilities and limitations, the cultivation of patience, and being present in the moment. 

Flow for Health

There is an adage in Traditional Chinese Medicine that states, “Where there is lack of free flow, there will be pain.”  Lack of free flow, or stagnation, can be the starting point for numerous disease states including pain. We at Five Point understand that the engaging and relaxing of muscles and the movement of the joints through their full range of motion are tools for alleviating bodily stagnation that everyone can possess.   Using these tools, a sequence of yoga postures will promote the free flow of vital energy, blood, and fluids through all of the body’s tissues, organs, and joints.  Yoga is well known to alleviate pain, vitalize the spine and joints, promote healthy bone density, boost immune function, increase lung capacity, lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, and enhance mental focus.

Engaging in a yoga practice is an easy step one can take toward a responsible engagement with one’s health.  The cultivation of awareness that happens when you move your body purposefully into and out of yoga postures fosters a greater awareness of how your body feels during the other activities of your life. Soon, you can sense when your physical or mental self is even slightly out of balance.  This sensitivity allows you to take action to regain healthy balance sooner, so you can head off any impending health crisis. We at Five Point believe each person should feel empowered to make informed decisions about their own health and health care.


We especially like Tula’s commitment to engaging with their community. You can find them at 10 am every Sunday offering yoga class to the wider community at the Logan Square Farmers Market. They also offer classes at Unity Park throughout the summer. If you are new to Logan Square, just visiting, or a long-time neighbor looking for recommendations, visit the community page of their website to find a long list of their favorite local businesses that you should check out.

Their YogiCitizen Program is a special opportunity for you to serve the community we love while earning credits toward discounted yoga classes. Tula has partnered with several volunteer organizations to which you can donate your time. All they ask is that you document your volunteer hours with their special sign-off sheet. What a great way to encourage everyone to engage with the needs of the community! Please visit the YogiCitizen page of their website to find the volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

The Deal

Tula Yoga is graciously offering a special promotion to Five Point patients during the month of July:

One FREE CLASS to anyone who is new to Tula Yoga. Please redeem the wooden tokens we have at the Five Point front desk.

$75 for a monthly membership at Tula, which includes unlimited yoga classes, 15% off on retail, discounts on workshops and events, and the option of bringing a friend to your first class for free (typical price is $99)!

Thank you Tula Yoga

Lastly, we want to simply say THANK YOU to Tula Yoga for being a resource for better health and motivators for community service. Keep being awesome. We look forward to working together for years to come!

Learn more about Tula Yoga’s instructors and class schedule on their website. Also like them on Facebook to keep updated with current happenings. 

May Community Spotlight: Logan Square Aikido


Hey Five Point Community!

Last month we launched a new initiative called the Community Spotlight with the purpose of commending and promoting like-minded progressive businesses in our local community. We want to thank The Dill Pickle for being our first partner in this endeavor. It was a fun month, and we look forward to continuing to march together as the Chicago co-op movement grows.

For our second month we are highlighting a relatively new business to the area, one that bodes well for the health and wellness of our community: Logan Square Aikido.

Logan Square Aikido

Another obvious choice for our spotlight program, our newest neighborhood Dojo settled into its brick and mortar at 2845 N Kedzie within the past year.  Organized as a non-profit by instructors Enmei Hunter and Chris Wagner, their mission statement can be simply broken down to three words: Fitness, Focus, and Community. These values are three big reasons we chose them for our spotlight.

What is Aikido?

Aikido means “the way of harmony with the force and principle of nature.” Aikido is a non-competitive martial art that utilizes throws, joint locks, and pins to counter the force of aggressors. The techniques of Aikido seek to blend and harmonize with the force of an attack and use dynamic movements and positioning to establish control. Through partnered practice, students learn to both apply and receive techniques correctly. Over time, each student will develop the ability to respond more dynamically, deal with more forceful attacks, and develop better overall body and situational awareness.

Martial arts are built on the similar philosophical frameworks as Chinese Medicine and thus recognize the importance of balance between the mind and body.

Fitness & Focus

As mentioned earlier, the elements of fitness and focus are intertwined. At Five Point we believe that moderation and balance are the keys to long-term physical and mental health. From a fitness perspective, moderation has become more and more difficult due to a modern emphasis on high intensity forms of fitness. It is refreshing to see a balanced, holistic approach to physical and mental wellness available in our neighborhood. 

Logan Square Aikido offers a full schedule of Aikido along with Zazen meditation to offer a uniquely holistic approach to achieving a heightened physical and mental state of being. To quote them, “Aikido training can lead to personal transformations. Benefits include increased balance, flexibility and aerobic conditioning, greater self-confidence, and the ability to deal with stressful situations more effectively. Through our martial practice and strong sense of community, Logan Square Aikido seeks to foster the development of the whole person.”


From the time we opened in the neighborhood, Chris and Enmei were supporters of our business. They are genuinely interested in building local community, making a point to be inclusive and welcoming, and working alongside other organizations for the benefit of the neighborhood.

The Deal

Logan Square Aikido is graciously offering a special promotion to Five Point patients during the month of May:

  • 4 introductory classes for $50 OR
  • Unlimited classes for 1 month for $80 (typically $100)

Discounts are also always available for patrons aged 16-21 and over 55.

Thank you Logan Square Aikido

Lastly, we want to simply say THANK YOU to Logan Square Aikido for being another seed in the movement for social justice and conscious business practices. Keep being awesome, and we look forward to working together for years to come!

Learn more about Logan Square Aikido’s history on their website. Also like them on Facebook to keep updated with current happenings.


April Community Spotlight: The Dill Pickle Food Co-op

Hey Five Point Community!
As a central objective of the cooperative principals and our mission statement, we believe in fostering community and working together with other local businesses. In an effort to achieve and expand on this ambition, we have created an initiative we are calling the Five Point Community Spotlight. Simply put, instead of only promoting our mission and services, each month we will put other progressive local businesses in the spotlight, highlight what makes them extraordinary, and commend them for their contribution to our community.

First Up

The Dill Pickle Food Cooperative
An obvious choice for our first spotlight, our neighborhood cooperative in crime sets the standard for what it means to be a triple bottom line business (having social, environmental, and financial goals). Over our first year we’ve become quite fond of working with Dill Pickle, especially on our partnership Homestead Logan Square.
For those of you who are out of the loop, The Dill Pickle is a consumer food cooperative and grocery located just down the street from Five Point in Logan Square. Most of the Five Point team already shops regularly at the Pickle, and Ryan Palma is even on their board of directors.
So what makes them so great?
Food Quality

The Dill Pickle specializes in and excels at providing the highest quality organic and local produce, meat, dairy, and other products. Providing truly local food is no small feat, as they currently work directly with over 40 farms in the greater Chicagoland area. This accomplishment is revolutionary in the grocery world, as they were told it would be nearly impossible to primarily source directly from the farm. They truly understand the importance of knowing your suppliers personally, and they take their responsibility of providing and educating the consumer about sustainably grown produce and ethically raised animal products very seriously. From a quality of food perspective, we cannot recommend a grocery in the city with more confidence.

Community Building

In addition to their amazing food, Logan Square is very lucky to have such a leader in social justice in the community. As with any co-op, concern for community and education are central to their mission. The Dill Pickle cares about what is happening in the community, and they actively work to create opportunities to build a more cohesive, inclusive neighborhood. They lead one of Chicago’s more sophisticated outreach and volunteer efforts in their Hands On Owner Program and Block Club. Once an owner, these programs give you the opportunity to give back and get involved in the co-op and our community.
Cooperation (community ownership)

Obviously here at Five Point we are big fans of democratic, cooperative business structures. So who owns the Dill Pickle? Its members! Having just eclipsed 1,500 active members, the Dill Pickle is owned collectively by a vibrant community of progressive and diverse community members. Maintaining a sense of ownership at your local food hub gives you a voice in what food is available and keeps you actively engaged in the community at large. Though you do not need to be an owner to shop at the Dill Pickle, we recommend that everyone consider the benefits to ownership.
Thank you Dill Pickle

Lastly, we want to simply say THANK YOU the Dill Pickle for its work in the community over the last 5 years and for being a guiding light for ethical business practices. It is invaluable to have such a caring, connected grocery in the neighborhood. Keep being awesome.
Learn more about The Dill Pickle’s history and their upcoming expansion (very exciting) on their website. Also like them on Facebook to keep updated with current happenings. And if you happen to be in for a treatment sometime in the Month of April, we will be giving out a 10% off coupon for your next grocery trip to the Dill Pickle.

If you would like to recommend a local business or organization for our Community Spotlight program in future months, please email us at