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Introduction to Mindfulness
6:30 PM18:30

Introduction to Mindfulness

One definition of Mindfulness is “ the way we use our attention”. The way we use our attention can impact how we relate to others, our selves, our problems our emotions and thoughts. This 4-week course lead by Daniel Binaei, LCSW will examine how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your everyday life. Dan has been leading Mindfulness groups for 10 years and offers an introduction to basic practices that can enhance relaxation, help manage stress, and help us gain insight into our thoughts and emotions.  

I. Beginner's Mind

II. Training the Body to Relax/ Progressive Muscle relaxation 

III. Understanding and relating to Anger and Anxiety in a healthy way / Breathwork

IV. Mindfulness and Perspective on our lives 

The course runs Fridays from 6:30-7:30pm from July 20th-August 10th. The cost is $80. Space is limited, so book online, and contact Dan with any questions. 

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