What's New in 2019

As the current year winds down, we want to take a moment to let you know of some of the changes happening at our clinic in 2019. First, know that we are endlessly grateful to you, our loyal and supportive customer base. You enable our thriving clinic and its talented practitioners, and support a positive, nurturing presence in the community. The culmination of these foci is embodied in our mission and values, which we continuously strive to improve upon. Thankfully, each year we make steps toward meeting our mission and putting cooperative principles into action.  

Two of those big changes in 2019 will be switching all of our contractors to employees and adding an economic hardship program. In order to sustain these changes, there will be a slight increase in our prices, as previously announced in May.  

Sustainable Employment

Our single biggest shift is that all of our contractors will become employees in 2019.  This change in our structure has enabled us to offer our acupuncturists and bodyworkers health insurance benefits and paid time off as well as mitigate their tax burden. Sustainability and accessibility are both a big part of our mission, so we are beyond happy to provide the opportunity for our practitioners and staff to have a stable job with access to healthcare in what can be a volatile job market.

Needs-Based Discount Program

Having an affordable and accessible space is of great importance to us, and our modest price increase will help us to enact an economic hardship program with our services. Our needs-based program will officially be in effect as of January 1, and we will be giving a discount to people who are having hardship or external difficulties in their lives.  There is no barrier to entry or official application; interested parties only need to inquire via email, with their practitioner, or with reception in the front.

We also plan on launching monthly discount community acupuncture nights, the first being Monday, January 14th. From 4-7pm, community acupuncture will be available for $25. Anyone can book!

Price Changes

As of January 1st, our prices will be changing across all services in order to support these new initiatives. Below are the new prices:

  • Community Acupuncture and Herbal Consults: $40

  • Private Acupuncture: $85

  • Cupping: $55

  • Bodywork and massage:

    • $55 (30 minutes)

    • $80 (45 minutes)  

    • $105 (60 minutes) 

    • $155 (90 minutes)

As always, purchasing at least 5 sessions of any service gets you 10% off. Also, we want to remind you to buy your gift certificates and packages before the close of this year, as we are donating 10% of our profits from Nov 23- Dec 22 to Christopher House.

What Else Can You Look Forward to in 2019?

  • Expanded hours and hiring more acupuncturists

  • Discontinuing our psychotherapy program to make room for more private acupuncture and bodywork. Contact us for some excellent referrals!

  • Raw herbal dispensary offering a limited number of common formulas

  • Insurance billing for private acupuncture through BCBS (not available right now, but we’re working on it!)

Thank you all again for your support. You're the reason we do what we do. Happy holidays and new year!